Why use Isipani Construction?

Our Mission

To offer a professional and quality service; through our effective, representative and participative team to the Building and Development Industries and to the Community.

What makes us different

Quality & Workmanship

More than 55 years ago, our founder, Jan van der Sluys (senior), realised that quality workmanship would increasingly become the only differentiator between construction companies. It is this early realisation that has driven our desire to be recognised for the quality of our workmanship, the materials we use and above all, our people. We undertake to not only meet your expectations, but to exceed them.  We are committed to achieve these high standards and all employees at all levels endeavour to commit to, and take responsibility for, achieving this goal.


The expression "Teamwork Builds Quality" was coined in 1991 and signalled a new phase in the company’s development. Isipani, as a collective, actively subscribe to participative management, personified by the Isipani concept. We see everybody involved in the construction process as part of the team: Client,  Architect, Engineer, Contractor, Sub - Contractor, Supplier, Financial Institutions and Local Authorities.  Every one of us fulfills a certain role and has certain responsibilities.  Together we can create something significant.


To enhance teamwork, and to encourage employees to communicate and share their ideas and concerns to management, a workers forum within our company, called the ITISA Committee was formed. This ITISA Committee, is actively involved in the administration and welfare of our employees. Representing employees on various matters and assisting with challenges. The committee manages its own ITISA Fund.

Participative Management

Today the concept of participative decision making is central to the company’s philosophy, and applies to every employee throughout the company. We believe that the key concept in participative management lies in effective communication.  A participative management scheme not only has the potential to allow people to grow within the company, but also to allow people to feel that they have a contribution to make to the company’s future. 

Profit Sharing

Since 1995 an employee profit sharing scheme has been implemented whereby the annual profit, as declared by the directors, is shared with all permanent employees. We think this is unique in a private company. The rewards have been manifold: a loyal workforce, improved communication channels and an increase in quality and productivity in every aspect of our business.

Our Value System

  • Teamwork builds quality
  • A satisfied client will determine our success
  • By communicating in a clear, frank and honest manner, proper execution and feedback is ensured
  • Recognition creates motivation
  • Trust will be established by encouraging honesty, sincerity and frankness
  • We respect each other at all times
  • We believe in participative decision- making to ensure proper planning
  • By pledging loyalty to Isipani Construction (Pty) Ltd, we shall achieve our common goals
  • We strive to be productive for the benefit of the company, our colleagues and ourselves
  • Training and education will contribute towards a better standard of living

Professionalism & Performance

No compromises. No shortcuts. Just hard work and high standards. We’re proud of our reputation for efficiency and we believe it’s the direct result of our hands on approach and careful integration of all our service components. Constant self-evaluation and appraisal of our services help us reaffirm and refine our core business. As the industry evolves, so do we. As technology changes, so do we. With one area of predictability: our unwavering commitment to quality and our desire to remain at the forefront of construction in South Africa.

Our service integration is facilitated by housing most construction trades under one roof, ensuring quality and helping to avoid delays. We have formed clearly defined and in most cases, long-standing working relationships with sub-contractors which help offset the shortage in schooled labour during peak construction periods. The appointment of the right service providers are crucial to the ongoing synchronisation of project design, site management, construction, quality control and project management. We contract the best, on your behalf.

Most of our work comes through negotiations from previously satisfied clients or through invited tenders. Each project is allocated an experienced quantity surveyor, contract manager and site managers. Team members are required to maintain good channels of communication and individual duties are carefully defined for maximum efficiency.

Thanks to our dedicated team we are able to manage the entire construction process from concept to completion – Effectively, Efficiently and on Time.

Openness, straight–forward, approachable

We strive to be straight-forward, open and approachable in all relationships and with all team members. Honesty and openness for us create trust.  And with trust you can built on good relationships.

Cost efficient

We know that the project budget for the client is of paramount importance. We combine exhaustive planning and cost-effective application of resources to ensure that the only financial surprises you as client encounter, are pleasant ones.

After sales service

There is no better advertisement than a satisfied client. With this in mind, we have developed expert in-house teams that is acknowledged by clients and opposition alike as a standard-bearer for after sales service and advice. Team members are on hand to attend to any unforeseen construction problem at short notice, around the clock.


Any development and construction is usually in conflict with nature, but is also for human kind a basic necessity.  We therefore have to identify the risks and manage the process to limit or, even better, to avoid any form of long term destruction. It is our aim to limit any form of air pollution, earth pollution or water pollution as far as possible. We are also embarking on the venture of reducing and recycling any waste created in the building process.

Since 2012 Isipani Construction has become a Member of the Green Building Council. 

Our resources

Our People

Nothing encapsulates the Isipani philosophy better than the company motto: "Teamwork builds quality". Add to that a more than 50 year tradition of ongoing training and skills development, a commitment to the safety and well-being of all our workers and an entrenched management participation policy, and you’ll understand why we consider our greatest asset to be our people. We believe we are the employer–of–choice in the Western Cape.

Equipment & Vehicles

One of the keys to running a successful construction company is to have the right equipment for the job at hand when needed, and to manage resources so that the correct resources are available in the right quantities when required. Having the right tools is only half the job. Managing the availability of such equipment to meet inflexible deadlines consumes the other half. To this end, the attention of a dedicated team is not a luxury, but a necessity. We retain strict control over the availability and co-ordination of our mechanical resources, ensuring project schedules run smoothly and without delay. Our fleet of specialised equipment enables us to tackle any large project with ease.

Things you also want to know

  • Company Registration Number – 1960/000891/07
  • CIDB Grade: GB9 and CE8
  • Member of MBA Boland (since 1954)
  • Member of MBA Cape Peninsula (since 2002)
  • Member of MBA Greater Boland (since 1960)
  • Registered with NHBRC (since 2001)
  • Member of Cape Chamber of Commerce and Industry (since 2014)
  • Member of Accountability (since 2014)